Episode 45: Your Best Stride with Jonathan Beverly

We interview the author of the book, “Your Best Stride”, Jonathan Beverly on Episode 45. Often times we interview big names in the running world or shoot the breeze on Splits episodes, this time we offer more of an informative episode about a popular yet complex subject for what we do: running form. And Jonathan Beverly breaks it down in a way for runners of all skill levels to understand. We talk about how sitting has ruined our posture and how to correct that, the role of the glute and how the very powerful muscle is underutilized with most runners, the hip flexors and their very important role in our running form, what exactly is good posture, 2 myths when it comes to running form, postural endurance, whether gadgets are providing too much data, how a good arm drive looks and MUCH more!

Buy “Your Best Stride” by Jonathan Beverly at Amazon.com

Download: Episode 45 Jonathan Beverly & Your Best Stride

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