Those Kids Just Don’t Know

We’re back!!! On this episode Sean & Rob talk about some of the things that their kids will never understand, some technology, commercials, Christmas traditions and they briefly touch on the Star Wars film The Last Jedi (no spoilers).

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Some of the items talked about

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Ghostbusters with Christopher Tupa


On this weeks episode Sean and Rob are joined by artist Christopher Tupa to talk about the 1984 classic Ghostbusters.

Christophers  website and artwork.

Robs You Don’t Know Flack Podcast and  Sprite Castle  TubeCast

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We are a proud member of the Throwback Network, The Retro Podcasting Network.



Christmas with Vic

Christie with Christmas TreeOn this weeks episode Sean & Rob are joined once again by Retroist contributor Vic Sage to talk about Christmas memories. We discuss our favorite holiday specials, Christmas music, traditions and some of our favorite childhood gifts.  Thanks to everybody who has downloaded and subscribed to the podcast, we hope everyone has a safe & Merry Christmas.

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Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series (1983-85)

Dungeons-and-DragonsOn this episode Sean & Rob are joined by special guest Vic Sage from the Retroist & 80’s Anthologies Podcast. as they talk about the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

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Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon (1983-85)