Childhood Toys, Take 1

Adventure PeopleOn this weeks episode Sean, Door & Rob talk about toys from their childhood. Some good, some bad & some secrets.

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The next episode will be on the 1986 film Thrashin’ which can be found here in it’s entirety on youtube

Links to Toys mentioned

Sit & Spin, Death Star, Adventure People figures & SetsMattel’s Football, Charlie, matchbox cars, the Nash, Glider & Snoopy Snow-Cone

Childhood Toys – Take 1


Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

shueEpisode 011 Sean, Door & Steve talk about Elisabeth Shue, Elisabeth Shue & Elisabeth Shue in the 1987 film Adventures in Babysitting.Listen and find out what the guys thought about Elisabeth Shue & the rest of the film.

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And here is a link to “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” free on Hulu.

Adventures in Babysitting (1987)


Under the Rainbow (1981)

under-the-rainbow-poster_786_posterMilestone Episode 010 Sean, Steve & guest host Rob “Flack” O’hara talk about the 1981 film “Under the Rainbow” starring Chevy Chase & Carrie Fisher. Thanks to Pixel8 for the intro outro music, find more of his music at his soundcloud page .We will be taking the next week off due to scheduling but will be back in two weeks reviewing “Adventures in babysitting”.

TBR 010



16EDE2A219B9F369107F561C2460DC45 Sorry folks but at the time of recording the last episode I had forgot that Door would be on vacation so instead of Adventures in babysitting we will be reviewing the 1981 film Under the Rainbow. As well, Steve and I will also be joined this week by …. a mystery guest .

Under the Rainbow on Youtube

Over the Edge (1979)

over-the-edge-from-warner-brosEpisode 009 Sean, Door & Steve talk about the 1979 film Over the Edge starring Matt Dillon.

                               Also thanks to Rob “Flack” Ohara for reminding me the name of this movie so I could torture Steve with it.

Thanks to Pixel8 for the intro & outro music, You can find more of his work on his soundcloud page.

TBR 009